Three things I care deeply about are critters, boats, and words on paper.  I’ve already written a long-running column on animals, another on boats, and even one on living with animals on boats.  So, now, I’m going to think about, and write about, words on paper.  

New Yorker cartoon cel about words on paper

How and where are stories are born? What sparks ideas in the minds of story-tellers?  And what about characters?  Where do those quirky, loving, vicious, frightening, or bizarre people come from? Plots—are  they organic or organized according to set formulas? And what about the folks who put words on paper?  What drives them? What drives writers to lock themselves away in small rooms and agonize over words, and stress over things as small as commas?  Well, then, where do my stories come from?  How and when do those strange beings—the characters in my stories—wander into my thoughts and slither down through my pen to the page?

I expect to have a bit of fun exploring these and similar questions, and I hope you’ll join me as I wander around in the world of Words on Paper. What questions do you ask writers? Or, what questions would you like to ask writers?  Throw your questions in the comments. I know a couple of writers, I’ll pass the word.



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