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It’s easy, after all, not to be a writer.
Many people are not writers, and very little harm comes to them.

— Julian Barnes, Flaubert’s Parrot

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Turbulent Waters

Armed robbers, a hijacked boat, kidnapped children, a storm at sea, and one desperate father. What could go wrong? 

A fatal accident at his gym leaves former trainer and Navy veteran, Jake Burton, broke and divorced. When a temporary restraining order prevents him from seeing the only person he loves, his seven-year-old daughter, Emily, Jake loses the will to fight.

But when Emily’s second-grade class goes on a whale-watching field trip, Jake risks the consequences, bribes the boat’s mechanic, and in disguise, sneaks aboard the vessel.

Across town, three teenage boys are out to grab easy money by robbing a convenience store, but things get ugly when one boy pulls a gun and shoots the store clerk. Running from the police, the teens find themselves aboard the whale-watching boat, where Emily’s teacher mistakes them for assistants from the local high school.

A fierce storm turns day to night and churns the sea to turbulence. A child falls overboard, shots are fired, and the boat’s communication system is destroyed. Law enforcement is out of range. Jake must overcome his demons and fight to save Emily’s life. 


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About Jes

Jessica H. Stone, writing as Jes Hart Stone, is an author, ghost writer, and long-distance sailor.

Jessica and her Border Collie, Kip McSnip – the Famous Sailing Dog, sailed together for sixteen years. They cruised the Caribbean, navigated Puget Sound traversed Canada’s waters, sailed the Mexican coast, wandered the Sea of Cortez and crossed the Pacific Ocean. Kip celebrated his eighteenth birthday as they crossed the equator for the first time. Their experiences led to the popular book, Doggy on Deck:  Life at Sea with a Salty Dog and the long-running syndicated column, Cruising with Critters.

Sans her four-legged crew, Jessica sailed the waters of Australia, New Zealand, and the Med.  Most recently, while serving as crew on a vessel from Panama to the Honduras, she experienced the terror of being chased by (real life) pirates. Many years of living aboard her 41’ sloop provided a solid foundation for her book, How to Retire on a Boat and for her on-line column, At Home on the Boat.

Jessica has served as the ghost pen for three important memoirs. She delights in sharing stories with book clubs and boating groups.

Her debut novel, The Last Outrageous Woman, won First Place in The Somerset Award for Women’s Literary Fiction. The Chanticleer Reviews – Best Book of 2014.

Blood on a Blue Moon won first in category in the 2018 Murder and Mayhem Book Awards—a genre division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards and the 2019 Best Mystery Award from Black Magnolia Books.

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